Diesel Controller Test Station

Test Centre

ProAmp has its own Test Centre for quality assurance and A.S.I.B. certification.

Before being shipped to the customer, ProAmp panels undergo a full functional test. Each controller panel is connected to a test station that simulates fire conditions, various engine failure modes, and even push-button actions by an operator.

Annunciators are connected to a test station that simulates both alarm and fault conditions on all input zones, and verifies the annunciator asserts the correct alarm pattern for each.

As per the specifications set out by the A.S.I.B. panels are tested for at least the following number of full cycles:

Diesel Controller
80 cycles
160 cycles
Electric Controller
180 cycles

Tests are monitored and verified by an independent authority appointed by A.S.I.B. and a certificate is issued upon completion of a test.